'Doctor' and 'Tax Man' guilty of fraud


The two men, who are unconnected, each pleaded guilty to one count of preparing a false tax return, according to the department. Robert Doyle, 57, will be sentenced in October, while Fatai Onevai was sentenced on June 25 and is serving 18 months in prison for the crime.

Doyle, known to Oakland residents as the "Tax Man" pleaded guilty for claiming false refunds on taxes between 2000 and 2005. After being caught Doyle admitted to the Internal Revenue Service that he would recruit people off the streets near his Oakland office and do their federal income taxes. He would then prepare a false tax statement and keep a large part of the fraudulently obtained money, according to the department.

Onevai pleaded guilty after investigators found he was preparing fraudulent tax forms through his business O Fix Enterprise, which he ran from his Pittsburg home. Originally from Tonga, Onevai was known in the Tongan community as the "Doctor" who could fix all IRS problems. In 37 fraudulent claims he made $1,349,039, according to the department.

Both investigations are the result of an investigation by both the IRS and the Department of Justice.

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