Coffman pool reopens


After years of construction, the renovated Coffman Pool splashed back to life again.

Eight-year-old Jana Chism was among the first to take a ceremonial swin in the pool. She and her brother both had positive assesments.

"I think it's pretty nice," Ayinde Chism said. "It's much different than before."

The five-decades-old pool was replastered and retiled and housed in a new $10 million swimming facility paid for mostly by bond money.

"I tell you, if there is any perfection in the world, this is it," San Francisco Supervisor Sophie Maxwell said.

The pool is right next door to the Sunnydale housing development, which soem resident have said has few amenitied for their children. Now these kids have a place to have fun.

"I think that it's very nice for our community, that maybe people everyday come swimming now that we have something to do," nine-year-old Kayla Gathron said.

Some of the workers who built the facility came to see the fruits of their labor.

"Oh man, everyday at least four or five kids asked me, 'when is the pool going to open,'" Al Mattson said. "And they kept giving me dates, and I tell them, and then it gets pushed back, and the kids show up ready to swim, and then we would have to turn them away. But they're happy today."

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