Tricks to solving everyday mishaps

Tips & Tricks featured in segment:

  • Manicure on the Go
    (Hold a tennis ball or orange (anything round) upright and paint nails)

  • Pen mark off hands
    (Use a green tea bag and put directly onto pen mark and rub gently)

  • Pick up broken glass
    (Use a piece of bread, wheat works best, to pick up glass pieces)

  • Write on cloth smudge free
    (Spray hair spray (generic store bought is fine) on to the surface you'd like to write. Wait a few seconds and then use a marker to write)

  • Make trousers stay on a hanger
    (Hand the pant leg one over the other)

  • Get rid of tea stains from a coffee mug
    (Use a lemon and salt to scrub away tea stains. Cut a lemon wedge and apply salt to lemon. Then scrub the stain)

    Lisa Katayama is the author of "Urawaza: Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan"

    About the book:
    Buy the book on Amazon: Urawaza: Secrets everyday tips and tricks from Japan

    About Lisa:
    Lisa Katayama has written for Wired, Giant Robot and Gourmet and is an editor at Planet Magazine. She lives in San Francisco. >> More

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