Macy's security breach halts card service

Macy's had to notify 4,100 customers across the country who hold a Macy's Visa credit card -- not the regular charge card.

Macy's says there was a massive security breach at a Visa processing center in England. Theives got hold of Visa account numbers and started making unauthorized charges, mainly at gas stations.

Macy's is freezing the accounts of all 4,100 holders of the Macy's Visa card, but only those who had any transactions processed in England. Jonathan Klein of Oakland is one of them.

"I assume all they have is the 16 digits that constitute my credit card number. My concern is do they have more than that? Can they take that information and steal your identity, open up a new credit card account in your name, start charging things at Macys or whatever stores they want to?" says Klein.

Macy's says you may want to check for any unauthorized charges on your Macy's Visa. The company says, so far, it appears only account numbers were stolen, not personal information.

Just in case, you can register a fraud alert with one of the three credit bureaus:

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