Recession-proof your life

Recession-proofing your life and staying financially solvent

  • Keep detailed records of expenses
  • Make time to really look for HIDDEN COSTS that can be cut
  • Hidden costs: Pay television TV channels, Re-occurring expenses not using
  • Teens - iTunes, gaming and other software downloads
  • Texting, if not part of cell phone plan
  • USE YOUR LIBRARY CARD - they have videos and books
  • Instead of going to an amusement park, consider low cost creative activities to $500 for four people at a theme park
  • Suggestions: camping, picnic at beach, museums, etc.
  • Join your local town pool or recreation center. Less expensive than a gym membership and same services.
  • Have a regular movie night at home instead of paying $60 to go to the movies. Get the kids involved.
  • Pay down debt
  • Set up a "wouldn't it be nice to…" or emergency fund
  • Get a part-time job to supplement your income, if necessary.
  • Bookkeeping - QuickBooks to track categories
  • Work with a financial advisor

Even if you are a stay-at-home mom, you should be preparing yourself for the possibility of having to return to the workforce. This way, if down the line you find yourself in tough times that demand two working parents, you are ready to roll! How can a woman who is currently at home with children prepare for the future possibility of going back to work?

  1. Maintain contact and network with former business colleagues. Look for people on-line.
  2. Network through the PTA, play groups and places where you take your kids
  3. Consider continuing education
  4. Consider a home based business
  5. Research firms that allow telecommuting
  6. Polish up your resume. Include volunteer work

Maintain your appearance. Whether you're in the work world, going to school, or partying on a trust fund, you're judged on your appearance before anything else. You never know when opportunity is going to knock and you want to look like a pro when it does. You have less than 10 seconds to make a first, and lasting, impression.

Here are tips to look successful:

  • Posture - How do you walk and stand? Walk confidently with your shoulders back, head up, and eyes straight. If you're shuffling, you look dated!
  • Eye contact - Eyes are usually noticed first. Maintain eye contact for a comfortable period of time. No staring at specific body parts. There's a reason the eyes are known as the mirrors to the soul…
  • Smile - Your smile radiates confidence! Make sure your teeth look their whitest, your breath is fresh, and there's no stray green left over from lunch. You'll be happy when you keep that twice yearly appointment to the dentist.
  • Hair - No stray gray, unless you have an attractive salt and pepper look. Make sure your hair is styled and up-to-date. Look clean and fresh.

    About Dianne Gubin
    Dianne Gubin is an executive who knows the dynamics of creating success. Her commitment is to help others make well-informed, educated choices that power their career and business development from ordinary to extraordinary. As president of Tech Exec Partners, Inc., a corporate staffing and consulting firm, Dianne Gubin has accelerated thousands of career successes by opening doorways to life-changing opportunities within Fortune 500 corporations including Amgen, Countrywide, Disney, AIG Sun America, Qualcomm, and 20th Century Fox, as well as fast-growth companies.

    As the volunteer Los Angeles chapter director of Women in Technology International (WITI-LA) from 1999-2003, Dianne led WITIs most successful chapter with meetings routinely attracting an average of 400 top-level business executives from the greater Los Angeles area. She launched WITI-LAs suite of community outreach programs that included an education initiative designed to introduce high school and college students to careers in technology, a mentor program, and a technology-based entrepreneur program. A graduate of the University of Connecticut, Dianne lives in Los Angeles with her husband, their three children and many pets.

    Look for Dianne Gubin's latest book, "Power Ladder: Network Your Way to Career Success: The Fast Track Guide," available here.

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