Identity theft and your kids

Tips to Protect Your Family

  • Your personal information and identity are valuable, don't give it away for free

  • Only share information online while meeting others in social networking spaces, playing games, or registering for free stuff that you would want a complete stranger to know.

  • Never share your social security number or driver's license number unless absolutely necessary. A thief only needs to know where you live and what year you were born to steal your identity.

  • Treat your identity like any other valuable -- keep it safe

  • Lock up personal papers, credit card statements and any other information that can be used to steal your identity.

  • Take your social security card out of your wallet

  • Make sure your computer is protected with virus and spyware software protection

  • Monitor your identity as you would any valuable-we monitor our homes with alarm systems and we place alerts when our stock portfolio changes, your identity is no less valuable

  • Sign up with a monitoring service that will monitor black market areas of the internet for the sale of credit card numbers, bank accounts, name/address/phone number information

  • Check your child's credit report-if they have one they may be a victim of identity theft

  • Teach children not to provide information for personal safety and identity theft

    Tips for college students:

  • Students are heavily marketed to by credit card companies, don't give away personal information for a T-shirt, and don't throw pre-approved credit card offers in the trash.

  • Sharing information on social networking sites, shopping online or playing games makes you more vulnerable, only share info you would share with strangers.

  • Have a secure mailbox, otherwise your info could be stolen

    About Lyn Chitow Oakes, Chief Marketing Officer
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