Blow dry your hair salon-style!

Bradley Crane's styling tips:

TIP #1: Start with the right tools: Quality hair products such as a volumizer shampoo and conditioner. A professional blow-dryer. Two brushes: a paddle brush for smoothing and wrap-dry and a round brush for finishing.

TIP #2: Thoroughly towel dry hair. The more water left in your hair, the longer it takes to blow dry.

TIP #3: Begin to blow-dry your hair with a paddle brush. Start in the front and blow-dry and smooth your hairline backward and forward. It is the first to dry and hardest to tame. If you have bangs dry them to the opposite direction for more volume. Blow-dry your remaining hair from the back of your nape, brushing forward and upward.

TIP #4: Finish off your blow-dry with a round brush to add more body.

TIP #5: Apply a finishing shine product from the ends up. This will reduce frizz without making your roots look greasy.

If you are interested in "Blow Out To Go Out" please call 415.362.5005 or visit and reserve your spot. Reservations are limited to 8 and private parties are available.

About Bradley Crane:
Owner and stylist Bradley Crane has been cutting hair for over 17 years. Bradley completed his training at the former but legendary San Francisco salon, Architects & Heroes, where he subsequently worked as a stylist for five years. He then moved to the forever hip Cowboys & Angels SF, where he served not only as a stylist but the head of the salon's highly-respected and sought after training program, teaching the latest in haircutting and razor techniques. He is now the proud founder and owner of Suite Five Salon. Where he continues his creative career as stylist and teacher.

Bradley specializes in modern, precision haircuts and pays meticulous attention to detail, head shape, and texture. Bradley gets his inspiration from his clients' unique individuality and strives to bring out their best, whether it be a cutting edge style or a soft, subtle look. In addition to his work as a stylist, Bradley is an accomplished painter. His visual and sculptural sensibilities definitely lend a hand and enable him to successfully interpret each client's unique hair needs.

Teaching within the industry is a great passion as well as educating clientele how to work with their hair using both styling techniques and contemporary product knowledge. Old and new clients can catch him at his monthly styling class "Blow Out To Go Out".

Bradley finds inspiration in the everyday and extensively travels the world. He stays ahead of the trends by attending various advanced training classes, including Bumble & Bumble in New York City.

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