Another Oakland restaurant is robbed


There has been a takeover-style robbery similar to at least four other restaurant robberies in the past 11 days. Oakland Police questioned the employees at /*Skyline Pizza*/ near Highway 580 and Keller Avenue in southeast Oakland.

An employee said three armed, hooded men walked into the restaurant just after 9 p.m. Tuesday night. He says they robbed two employees and forced them into the back room and hit the cash register. This is similar to the other /*restaurant robberies*/ because there were three hooded suspects in each one.

11 days ago, three armed hooded suspects robbed Happy Valley's restaurant in Chinatown. The next day they hit Chinatown again at the Bay Fung Tong Tea House Restaurant, followed by El Farolito on International Boulevard and the Kerry House on Piedmont Avenue the following day. The takeover robbers are still on the loose, all on a day when Oakland was trying to crack down on crime.

"It's the first time I've seen him out here," said Herman Fletcher, an Oakland resident.

When Fletcher met /*Mayor Ron Dellums*/ in his North Oakland neighborhood, it was an uplifting experience.

"Man that was cool to see the Mayor on the block. You know we hear about mayor, we see him on television, but to see him right here in the neighborhood, that was real cool," said Fletcher.

As part of National Night Out, the city is emphasizing that knowing your neighbors will strengthen your potential for safety.

"You were in the Mayor's track meet. I remember you," said Mayor Ron Dellums to a young child.
"I was in eighth place," said a kid.

Dellums took the opportunity to meet some of them himself.

"People feel good that you're out there, that you're close to them, that they can reach out and they can talk with you," said Mayor Dellums.

At least one neighbor took advantage of the opportunity and asked the Mayor some tough questions.

"And I asked him, why aren't there enough youth programs, why is it when he came aboard, he said he would have people walking the streets, a beat officer. Someone we would all be able to recognize and get to know," said Beck Stroud, an Oakland neighbor.

Stroud and several of the neighbors here, say they still don't know their beat officer. The mayor explained to her his three-point policing plan, put in place back in January.

"It really didn't make that much sense. So I still really didn't understand what his plan was," said Stroud.

When asked, the Mayor's Office said there is a beat officer assigned to Beck Stroud's neighborhood. Even though they disagree, the dialogue has encouraged both sides to do more. Dellums has taken criticism for not making enough public appearances in the past, but despite some tough questions, he says he appreciated the feedback.

"Mayor, just by talking to the people, you wanted to get their feedback. Do you feel like you'd like to do more of this?" asks ABC7's Alan Wang.

"Yeah," replied Mayor Dellums.

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