Principal arrested for felony pimping


Gerald Courtney, a 57-year-old assistant principal at Galileo High School, was arrested Thursday along with Hsiu Hwa Chou, 41, who was also charged with felony pimping and pandering, according to police.

San Jose police, with assistance from San Francisco and Milpitas police departments, were investigating two alleged brothels at 1550 Technology Drive and 80 Descanso Drive. The homes of Courtney and Chou in Milpitas and San Francisco were also investigated.

Police said they seized evidence of pimping, pandering and prostitution at the locations. They also took custody of Courtney and Chou in addition to two other suspects charged with misdemeanor prostitution violations.

Courtney allegedly assisted Chou in obtaining apartment leases and creating Internet postings for illegal operations, police said. No minors, students or other school officials were involved in the prostitution ring, according to police.

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