Getting rebates is not as easy as it looks


Do you look for items that offer you a rebate? Sometimes it's comforting to know you'll get some of that money back that you pay. But rebates aren't always as easy as they look.

David Casteel of San Ramon bought kitchen cabinets from /*Lowe's*/ in Dublin, because Lowe's was offering a $500 rebate with the purchase of 10 cabinets, and David was buying 18.

"We rushed the order figuring if we we're going to buy them we may as well get them now so we can get this gift card," said David Casteel from San Ramon.

Saving money was important because the cabinets cost a bundle -- more than $11,000.

"Yeah, $11,000 which was why we really wanted that $500 gift card it took the sting away from it a lttle bit, if you will," said Casteel.

David mailed in his receipt to get his gift card, but it wasn't so simple. Eight weeks passed and no gift card arrived. Lowes told David it never got his application.

"All they said is we don't have it and that's all we can do for you," said Casteel.

So he applied all over again.

"I waited another eight, nine weeks and still heard nothing from them," said Casteel.

David sent in more information.

"They needed every single item number, the cost of each particular item," said Casteel.

Weeks later, still no gift card.

"I was really starting to think I was not going to get this gift card and it was so frustrating because I'd worked five months for it and like I said we'd spent $11,000," said Casteel.

So David turned to 7 On Your Side.

"Basically I said I don't know what else to do, I've given you the receipt, I'm going to contact 7 On Your Side," said Casteel.

/*7 On Your Side*/ contacted Lowe's. And a week later, David got a call from the store.

"Before 7 On Your Side got involved, I couldn't get them to contact me at all," said Casteel.

Lowe's said there were many rebate offers at the time David bought the cabinets. Now Lowe's has obtained details about David's purchase and determined he did qualify for a rebate.

Lowe's sent David a check for $500 in cash, which he used right away.

"We bought some patio furniture and a barbecue grill. I couldn't bring myself to buy the grill until I got the gift card," said Casteel.

Sometimes collecting a rebate can require a lot of persistence and filling out of forms.

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