Scammers target nannies on Craigslist


Police said Monday they had received at least two reports of people advertising childcare services on the Web site, who were e-mailed by suspects requesting to pay them in advance for the services.

The suspects identified themselves as artists or fashion designers, police said.

In one case, a victim was sent a fraudulent check -- mailed using a separate victim's Federal Express billing information -- that was far more that the agreed-upon payment, according to police.

The victim was asked to return the difference via a commercial money wiring service, and even told to keep part of the difference for their trouble, police said.

In the second case, the victim was asked to give bank account and social security information so the suspects could wire money into the account.

In that case, the victim did not give out any information and no money was lost, police said.

Police said they believe the suspects were operating in other parts of the United States, and possibly internationally.

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