Oakland police investigate triple-shooting

August 13, 2008 9:05:04 AM PDT
A triple-shooting in Oakland overnight caps a night of violence - which began with a man killed in a hail of bullets. There have now been at least seven separate shootings in the last 48 hours.

Oakland police are investigating a triple-shooting at 8th and Filbert. Police say a shooter opened up on three men who were inside a car; multiple rounds were fired at the car. The victims then drove several blocks in their car before passing out and crashing the car.

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Several hours before that incident, a man was shot and killed in the 800 block of 45th Street. Police say the man was visiting friends when someone opened fire on him. Police say multiple rounds were shot in that incident. Police say the amount of bullets being fired is disturbing, but it is not unusual.

A four-year-old was struck in the wrist while he was inside his Oakland home on Monday.

Oakland police and residents are hoping for some relief from all of this violence. The Guardian Angels will hit the streets of Oakland on Friday. This group was prompted to come here after the string of takeover robberies that happened recently at Oakland restaurants.

There have been seven shootings in Oakland in the last 48 hours.