$1,000 reward for info. on dog shooting


The Friends of the Oakland Animal Shelter, a non-profit group supporting the city's shelter, and Code 597, an organization started by Oakland Raiders football player Jarrod Cooper, combined to make the pledge.

On the night of Aug. 1, Oakland police responded to a call of two injured dogs, a female and male, injured at the corner of 98th Avenue and Lawlor Street.

Witnesses heard several gunshots, a car door open, then a dog screaming as the car raced off, according to the local groups.

The female dog was killed, and was discovered to have suffered a gunshot wound to the neck by a Oakland Animal Shelter veterinarian.

The male dog survived and is being treated at the shelter. He has a broken back and pelvis and a possible gunshot wound to the neck, according to the group, and will need further surgery and a foster home in which to recuperate.

"The attack on these dogs was extremely vicious," shelter director Adam Parascandola said in a prepared statement. "It is clear that whoever is responsible for this crime is capable of extraordinary violence."

The Friends of the Oakland Animal Shelter organization is asking for anyone with information about the person or persons responsible for the abuse to call (510) 535-5604.

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