Albino alligator arrives in SF

August 20, 2008 12:27:58 PM PDT
A rare albino alligator moved into Golden Gate Park on Tuesday. He was a little tense when he first got to his new home at the California Academy of Sciences, but we can assure you he's relaxing peacefully tonight.

After a quick medical exam, which required a lot of able bodied helpers, he was transferred to the academy's swamp exhibit.

He was born in captivity in Florida, and lucky for him, because albinos rarely survive in the wild.

"Those animals are usually quickly removed by predators because it's like a flashing neon sign -eat me," said Chris Andrews from the California Academy of Sciences.

A second alligator with standard coloring also arrived on Tuesday. The pair will live in a recreation of the academy's original swamp tank. The new building will open September 27th.