Classmate speaks fondly of Obama


Ayelet Waldman is a delegate from Berkeley with a story; actually lots of stories. She's the author of very successful Mommy Track mystery series. However, it's her connection to Barack Obama that is the story that also captures interest because she was a classmate of Obama's at Harvard Law School.

"He was someone you absolutely knew. Everyone knew Barack at law school. It was very clear even then that he had some kind of special gift," said Waldman a former classmate.

Barack Obama was elected president of the Harvard Law Review, the first African American to hold that honor. Waldman describes Obama as a quiet dignified person who listens.

"We are all at heart people who want to be heard and the very fact of having someone there saying, 'You're opinion is valued, I want to hear what it is whether or not I agree with it,' does something for people and it does something for people across the political spectrum," said Waldman.

I asked her about the rift with Clinton supporters. Three-out-of-10 telling ABC they won't vote for Obama and Waldman says that's a fiction.

"I'm a novelist and I can tell you a novel about a lot of people getting along is not an interesting novel. What's interesting is conflict. So when the media comes they're looking for conflict," says Waldman.

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris is Obama's California co-chair and friend of Waldman's says it is the media's has been playing up that friction.

"I am certain that after Hillary Clinton gives her speech there will be no ambiguity about where she is and where she wants the Democratic Party to be," said Harris.

"And by the end of the week the media, you guys, are not going to have any choice but to report the story because the truth will out," sad Waldman.

Well it's Monday so the truth has a while yet to go and between now and the end of the week we'll be hearing from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

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