GG Bridge tolls to increase Tuesday


Drivers can anticipate paying a $5 charge for FasTrak and a $6 charge for cash to cross the Golden Gate Bridge.

This is the first toll hike for the Golden Gate Bridge in almost six years. The $1 increase was supposed to start on Labor Day, but the Bridge District said typically on holidays drivers don't use FasTrak and with the added holiday traffic congestion expected tonight, it may have caused some long lines in the plaza for drivers.

The increase in expected to generate some $18 million over the next year in order to help combat, or at least start combat a $9 million deficit that the bridge is facing. Another toll is already in the works for next year. That one could potentially charge drivers extra money for driving across the Golden Gate Bridge during peak commute hours.

The bottom line for drivers on Tuesday is that if you drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, it will cost $1 more.

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