Health care cost cutting ideas

SAN FRANCISCO It's free and it's available to everyone, regardless of income level; Walgreens offers free health screenings nationwide.

"They have a body mass index. They have waist circumference, blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol," said Jim Burke, Walgreen's District Manager.

Using generic drugs instead of brand names can save you more than you might think, up to 52 percent.

"And now there's another reason to go generic. You can fill your prescription at one of the big box retailers like Costco or Wal-Mart or Target for as little as $4 dollars for a month's supply, and that includes popular drugs like generic Zocor, Prozac, even Clomid," said Toni Hope, Good Housekeeping.

Allergies got you down? Look for over-the-counter Loratadine in place of Clarinex. That could save $110 dollars for 30 tablets. Also be sure to ask your doctor for samples before starting on new medication.

Check with your doctor first, but if you have pills you take every day, see if your insurer has the "Half Tablet Program." Pills in bigger doses often cost less, so you can save by purchasing the bigger does pills and splitting them.


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