Quick fashion and beauty tips

Scotch Guard

  • Scotch Guard prevents spills from soaking into clothes. It can be found at any supermarket or hardware store.
  • The Scotch Guard gives fabrics repellency to help protect against spills and stains.

    How to Relieve Pain from Shoes

  • Hue (found at Macy's for $8.00) prevents any pain from uncomfortable shoes and straps.
  • The Thong Wrapz simply wrap around the center part of the flip flop and keep your foot from getting sore or red.
  • The Gelz Stripz are reusable strips that wrap around shoe traps for complete comfort. These work best for strappy shoes or sling backs.
  • These products eliminate foot discomfort and prevent rubbing, chaffing and redness.

    Compact Spray Bottles

  • Sally Beauty Supply Store has the perfect compact sprayer for fragrances, water, hairspray, mouthwash or any products that you need on the go or on vacation.
  • You can also purchase mini funnels that make distributing your favorite products easy and efficient.
  • These mini spray bottles meet airport requirements and allow for more space in toiletries cases.

    Moisturize Hard to Reach Areas

  • In order to moisturize in hard to reach areas all you need is a loofa with a long handle, a moisturizing foot sock, and lotion.
  • After bathing, wrap loofa with a moisturizing foot sock and tie tightly. Then simply put your favorite lotion on the foot sock and moisturize those hard to reach areas.

    Daily Sun Protection

  • Daily SPF wipes provides a unique, convenient and mess free way to apply sunscreen and protect yourself from the harmful rays.
  • Wipe evenly and liberally on dry face and body 30 minutes before sun exposure.

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