Garcia's murder may have been a mistake


According to the Fairfield Daily Republic, the three murder suspects mistook Councilman Matt Garcia for someone who owed them drug money.

33-year-old homicide suspect Nicole Stewart told police and a reporter that the shooting of Garcia was a mistake.

Fairfield police arrested Stewart and Gene Allen combs yesterday in connection with the shooting. Police are still looking for a third suspect, Henry Don Williams.

"Turn yourself in. We are not going to rest. We will hunt you down and bring you to justice," says Police Chief Kenton Rainey.

The paper says the three were in the area where Garcia was talking to a friend September 1. They were driving around looking for someone who owed them money in a drug deal.

Stewart told police that Williams is the one who got out of the car and fired the shots. She claims they were surprised to learn Garcia was the victim.

"I have so much anger in me, I can't express it," says Nichol's ex-husband Brian Stewert.

Brian Stewart, along with his two children were at the Fairfield Police department today trying to find out where his ex-wife Nicole was being held. He says Williams broke up his 15-year-marriage and that Nicole is nine months pregnant with Williams' child.

Stewart says he and his children were shocked to learn his ex-wife was driving the getaway car that night.

"I can't imagine that my pain equals the pain the Garcia family is going through there's no way, but I'm going through so much right now."

While the hunt for Willaims continues, Stewart and Combs are being held at the Solano County Jail. Their arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday.

City Manager Sean Quinn Says applications to fill Garcias seat began Friday. More than 22 people have already applied.

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