Alarm clocks put to the test


The Good Housekeeping Research Institute tested more than 40 alarm clocks. Researchers specifically searched for alarm clocks that were particularly loud. It recommends the sonic boom by sonic alert. The $43 clock is particularly loud and comes with a vibrating feature.

"We chose alarm clocks that had special features whether it is an iPod docking station or an additional feature," said Rachel Rothman, Good Housekeeping Institute.

The institute also likes the I-H9 from iHome. It comes with an ascending alarm for an iPod or the radio. there's also a back up alarm for times you forget to dock your iPod at night.

"If you want an alarm clock that does it all, we recommend the Homedics Sound Spa. It comes with an iPOD dock and charger, a speaker system, as well as an LED projector that will show the time on the wall," said Rothman.

The clock also helps you fall asleep at night because it has six soothing nature sounds.

Researchers warn against setting your alarm earlier to allow you time to sleep after hitting the snooze button. It's much better for you to get steady sleep than fragmented sleep. I'm Michael Finney, 7 On Your Side.

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