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A message from today's guest, Chris Null:

I'm Christopher Null, and by way of introduction, I'm a longtime technology and business journalist, a hardcore tech guy, and an entrepreneur. In addition to my blog, I write for a number of top technology and business magazines, including PC World, Wired, Maximum PC, and Executive Travel. I've worked at a number of tech mags in the past, most recently having founded Mobile PC in 2003 and serving as its editor-in-chief for two years. Over the years, I've been a programmer, a PC technician, a network administrator, and a dot-commer. I've even written a couple of books.

I've literally seen the high-tech world from every angle, but, probably like you, I don't thrill over tech for tech's sake. I'm constantly on the hunt for gear that pushes the boundaries of what we expect from our gadgetry, and eager to find the unknown software and helpful tips and tricks that genuinely make our tech lives easier. The bleeding edge is great, but only if it really solves a problem or does something better than before.

Here at Yahoo! Tech I write about all of these issues: What's new on the market, and whether it's worth buying. How to get more out of your current equipment. News that will impact the tech on your desk, and how it impacts you as a user and as a professional. Whether you want to push your wireless connection to the limit or simply want to take the pain out of a business trip, I try to give you the answers. You want tech information that matters? Bookmark my blog... and please, don't hesitate to ask questions. Readers' problems with their tech gear have provided the subject matter for some of my best and most popular posts.

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Products featured:

CELL PHONE - Palm Treo Centro
This smaller version of the Palm Treo's diminutive QWERTY keypad is a great fit for high school kids and college students. The 3G Centro is a whiz at e-mail and texting, and you can even tether it to a laptop for on-the-go Net access. Available for $99 from Sprint and Verizon Wireless; there's also an EDGE-only version on AT&T for $69.

Parents can use it to keep in touch with their kids via email and text. It also stores your contacts; maintains your calendar and schedule; houses your to-do list; lets you write memos and reminders; and you can sync it with your computer at home.

SMARTPEN - Livescribe Pulse
The Pulse smartpen captures handwriting and simultaneously records audio and synchronizes it to the writing, so users never miss a word. Pulse is available in two models. Priced at $149, the 1GB model provides storage for over 100 hours of recorded audio.

iPOD ACCESSORY - Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime (iPod speakers)
StereoXL technology: widens the stereo image dramatically. 10-hour rechargeable battery. Charges your iPod. Wireless remote: control your iPod and browse your content from anywhere in the room. One-touch controls. Supports all iPod models with dock connector and other portable music players via 3.5mm music socket. To be released on 9/16, $100.

LOW-COST LAPTOP - Asus M50 Laptop
The Asus M50 is a good blend of performance and price. Lightweight to carry around, and makes a great home office/ family room computer. Can be found for around $1,200.

DIGITAL CAMERA - Fuji FinePix Z20fd
This sub-$200 digital camera is the perfect accessory for kids. Available in five eye-catching colors, the FinePix Z20fd is a 10-megapixel camera with anti-blur, picture stabilization, face detection, red-eye removal, and a large 2.5-inch LDC monitor on the back. Media savvy kids will appreciate the camera's blog and auction mode, as well as the "one touch" movie recording option that allows them to edit movies before sharing them online. This is definitely an affordable camera for photo-enthusiasts of any age. Parents will want to steal it cause it's a low-cost quality camera. Product details

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