Tone your legs with a stiletto workout


  1. Standing in a squated 2nd position "Head, hip, and body rolls" Muscles worked: to get the blood flowing and move the body in preparation for a fun and sexy workout. Build awareness of how your body moves.
  2. Plie squats to releve (high on toe), feet will be turned out in one set and parallel in second set. Muscle worked: Done slowly these moves target glutes, hips, inner outer thighs, and over 24 muscles in the foot when we train barefoot on toe, also core muscles to help with waistline and better balance, and the calf muscles.
  3. Laying down leg raises (outer thigh)using optional weighted body bar. Muscles worked: Outer thigh, lengthen and strengthen legs
  4. Laying down leg raises (inner thigh) using optional weighted body bar. Muscles worked: Inner thigh, lengthen and strengthen legs
About Tanya Merryman, Fitness Expert and Fitness America Alumnus:
Nearly a decade ago, she was a part of Fitness America and is a Fitness America Alumnus. She has over 15 years experience as a Certified Fitness Professional. She is a group Director for CRUNCH and specializes in training Women, Pilates, Pregnancy workouts, athletes, and nutrition tips that work. She's a frofessional athlete, competes year-round as Professional Figure and Fitness Competitor. She is the first mom to ever win a National Fitness Title (over 10 years ago when her first son was 10 months old). Tanya was ESPN's main host for "American Muscle magazine" television show. She's a Fitness Model, published workouts, (on stands now, 6-page workout in "Muscle N Fitness HERS" magazine sept/oct issue) and she loves getting moms in shape all over the nation. She grew up in Los Gatos, and now lives in Pleasanton and has two boys, 3 and 11 yrs old. Website:

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