Vegan sushi rolls and warm miso soup

Raw Vegan "Save the Tuna" Sushi Rolls

Save the Tuna Pate

  • 2c. Sunflower seeds
  • 1c. Pine nuts
  • 5 stalks of celery
  • 3 Tsp Red Onion
  • 5 Tbl. Lemon juice
  • 2 Tbl. kelp powder
  • 3 green onions sliced thin
  • 2 tsp. Sesame seeds (mixed black and white is nice).
  • 1 sheet nori soaked and chopped
  • 1 1/2 - 2 tsp. Celtic salt

Blend well in food processor. Stop occasionally and stir, use the pulse setting to be sure you do not over mix. Should be sticky but not oily.

For the sushi

  • 2 peeled and quarter cut cucumbers
  • 1 - 2 peeled and quarter cut avocado
  • 1 carrot cut in matchsticks
  • 5 sheets of nori
  • Sprouts (optional)
  • Nama Shoyu Soy Sauce


  • Sushi matt
  • Blender / food processor
  • Bowls (one for water, one for pate)
  • Chef knife

On a nori sheet spoon 2 tbl. of pate, spread evenly. Place cucumber, avocado, and carrots across the long side of nori sheet. Place sprouts on top. Carefully roll the nori into a tight roll and seal with a bit of water. Cut with a sharp knife on the diagonal and serve with Nama Shoyu Soy Sauce.

Optional Side Dish : Warm Miso Soup

  • 1 sheet kombu seaweed
  • 5c. water
  • Handful of shitakes mushrooms, sliced thin.
  • 4 tbl. miso, yellow and red mixed
  • 1 sheet nori
  • handful of bean sprouts

Soak kombu in deep pot of distilled water for 20 min - 1 hr.

Meanwhile, place mushrooms in a bowl and add salt and gently massage until water starts to come out. Once the mushrooms have a soft "cooked" texture, strain the water off and add a dash of Nama Shoyu Soy Sauce to marinate. Massage gently a few times.

Place pot on stove and slowly bring up temperature until just before boiling point.

Remove from heat remove the kombu. Slowly add the miso, one tsp. At a time mixing well. Remove from heat. Add the mushrooms and onions, cover for 1 - 2min. Place bean sprouts in bowls. Pour into bowls over bean sprouts if desired for a nice crunch.

Serve with "Save the Tuna" Sushi Rolls for a nice Japanese themed meal.

About Jennifer Wright Kleinberg:
Jennifer Wright - Kleinberg is a Raw Vegan Chef, Educator, Model and mother of three. She is a graduate from the prestigious Living Light Culinary School; and is also the President and Founder of Empress Organics, a prepared raw vegan foods company and creator of Buddhaful Baby Infant and Toddler Formulas - the first living; organic and whole foods based Baby Formula line!

She enjoys teaching families how to create beautiful, delicious un-cooked and living meals that are easy to prepare and bring incredible health and vibrancy to the body! Her passion is teaching with her husband, Dr. Adam Kleinberg, how to incorporate balancing modalities such as raw vegan foods, chiropractic, meditation, high intensity training and how to instill greater presence in everyday life.

To find out more about chef and model Jennifer Wright - Kleinberg and Buddhaful Baby Infant and Toddler Formulas, visit

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