Friends of Camp Concord hosts fundraiser


The goal is simple -- to send a bunch of really deserving underprivileged kids to summer camp. It gives Bay Area kids the chance to do something they would never otherwise get the chance to do. Kids will get to spend a week in South Lake Tahoe with all expenses paid at Camp Concord.

Dan Ashley's Friends of Camp Concord raises the money to send kids to camp at no cost to the camper. Recently Ashley got to speak with campers and hear how much this experience means to them.

"We come from a small town here in Pittsburg, and you know, not a lot of kids get the chance to go outside of Pittsburg. Antioch and Concord is the farthest they've ever been. For Darius To go up to Lake Tahoe was like, you're in the wilderness, you have nature with you, you could see the river, mountains that he would never see here," said

"Canoeing, rafting, and horseback riding," said a camper.
"What was it like getting to do things you've never done before?" said ABC7's Dan Ashley.
"Really it was... I don't think I could have another chance to do that ever in my life," said the camper.

"We also had arts and crafts with a nature walk. We got things like, pines and stuff that we found, and made bracelets with it. It was pretty fun. All of the family got together and stuff," said a camper.

"What would you tell other young people that you know in this community, about the camp experience. Is it something they should consider?" asked Ashley.
"Yeah, it's definitely something they should consider if they want to work on their game or if they just want to have a good time, because the people are very fun out there, and they help you out," said a camper.

"You get to know other people, living around the area that I could make friends," said a camper.

When you spend time with these young people and their families, and to see the impact that a carefree week up in beautiful South Lake Tahoe can offer them, it's really, really touching.

When the organization, Friends of Camp Concord, started over 12 years ago, they sent 22 underprivileged kids to camp. This past summer, that number was 522, and next summer they hope to send over 600 kids to camp. There is no paid staff. All of the money goes directly to sending kids to South Lake Tahoe.

Friends of Camp Concord: click here

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