Palin unintentionally aids Planned Parenthood


Democrat Aimee Fountain decided to give $20.

"I think it is just sort of sticking it to her, sort of twisting the knife a little bit," Fountain said.

It's tradition for Planned Parenthood to send thank you cards to both donors and the people they give on behalf of. The family planning provider denies having started the campaign, but reports receiving $800,000 nationally in the last few weeks.

"People are reacting the only way they know how, which is, 'how do I help protect healthcare services for women and how do I do it in a reaction that I regard as a threat," Planned Parenthood Vice President Deborah Ortiz said.

The McCain-Palin campaign is not amused.

"This crass political stunt is yet another reminder that the Barack Obama campaign and its surrogates have given up on the 'new politics of hope' that they were so proud of a few short months ago," a statement released by the campaign said.

The California Obama campaign denies it had any involvement with the e-mail, saying individual citizens are responsible.

Conservative blogger Meredith Turney is appalled by the movement.

"This is a slap in the face of Governor Palin and the millions of women who have special needs children," Turney said. "To ridicule Governor Palin for her courageous choice, I think, to raise a child with special needs."

Turney also works for the Capitol Resources Institute which has started accepting donations to fight for family issues and will, too, send thank you cards to Palin for her stance.

Planned Parenthood also benefitted from political backlash in 2001, when an LA Times columnist urged readers to donate to the organization on behalf President Bush.

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