'Gas Free Fridays' kick off in SF


The idea of "Gas-free Fridays" can work in any city, and today is the first one in this coordinated effort in San Francisco to get residents to pump less fuel and pedal more.

The San Francisco bicycle coalition is launching "Gas-free Fridays" -- it's hoping to encourage more people to substitute at least one short car trip with a bicycle trip, at least once a week.

Not only is it a healthy alternative, but also financially and environmentally-friendly. The more you bike, the less you have to fill up with Friday's costly gas.

Biking also means less pollution, the coalition says that 50-percent of the greenhouse gas emissions in this city come from transportation.

To motivate cyclists to go gas-free on Fridays, the bicycle coalition is cheering people on with their own kind of "fuel station". The "fuel" they're offering is free coffee, tea and snacks. These gas-free energizing stations will be held at a different location around the city each Friday during the month of October. This Friday it's on Market and 12th Streets from 7:30 to 9:30 this morning.

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