Some delay retirement due to stock market


David Domaine is almost 65 years old.

"Next month I become retired. I'm 65 on the November 12th, and I will not be able to retire," says Domaine.

Domaine's reasons echo those of millions of Americans who are now delaying retirement.

"I do not have enough money saved," says Domaine.

Not only do many Americans not have enough savings they are now learning that their 410k plans IRAs and other retirement accounts tied to the stock market have tanked.

"I'm a little concerned about if I have enough finances to retire," says Charlene Wolak.

The news has also affected those people who are still years away from retirement like Charlene Wolak.

"I'm planning to meet with a financial planner at some point soon to find out if I'm close or way out of touch with reality," says Wolak.

Eric Heckman has been a financial planner for the past 16 years. He says if you had your retirement funds in the stock market then there isn't much you can do but wait for a recovery. He says you can protect any new money that you plan to hold over for retirement.

"If you're really scared about the market put your new money, the money you're contributing every paycheck, put that in a money market or put it in a government bond fund. Then at least you know your new money won't go down hopefully anymore," says Heckman.

What Heckman suggests is what AARP found many people over 45 have started doing.

In a phone survey they found 60 percent of those surveyed said they will delay retirement about 20 percent said they have increased the number of hours they will work and 24 percent have stopped depositing any new money into their 401k or IRAs.

Financial planner Eric Heckman advises, be smart about your money don't panic and get some advice.

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