Farm-raised Salmon with parsnip puree

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Recipe: Cured Anis Star Atlantic Farm-raised Salmon with parnisp puree and Provencal virgin sauce

Preparation for day before:

Have a filet of salmon, around 6 lbs, put it a container.

On the top pour a mixture of 100gr of salt, 100gr granulated sugar and 5 pieces of anis star. Let it marinate for about 24 hours.

Present day:

Take 3 pieces of parsnip, peeled, cooked them in a pan of 2 cups milk, 1 cup water. Then add 1 bunch of thyme. let it cook, then drain the parnisp and make a puree of it.

For the salmon, rinse it under cold water then cut it into portions.

Virgin sauce:

Mix into a bowl, 5 quartered cherry tomatoes, 10 sliced nicoise olives, 1 bunch of tarragon, 10 pre-cooked fava beans, 1/8 cup of olive oil, drizzle of figues vinegar and a pinch salt.


Lightly sauteed the salmon. Place a layer of parsnip puree on the plate then add the salmon on the top. Add the virgin sauce around the salmon. For a more aesthetic look, decorate with fried noodles and a pinch of bean sprout mix.

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