Rare elderly tortoise missing


"Butch," who could be more than 100 years old, disappeared from the home of Charles and Penny Carle on Sept. 25 when Penny was in the hospital.

"We've checked everywhere, even under the house," Penny Carle said today.

Butch was given to Penny's mother-in-law, Opal, in 1943, and has lived in the same yard ever since.

Opal Carle died earlier this year.

"She left us this house to live in to take care of Butch," Penny said.

With a chain-link fence encircling Butch's yard, Penny doesn't think it's likely that Butch left on his own.

"He cannot walk out," she said.

Without the proper amount of water and care at this time of year, as Butch gets ready to go into hibernation, there's a chance that he could die.

Penny Carle is offering a reward for Butch's safe return, and anyone with information about his whereabouts can call her at (408) 568-1096.

"We just want him back, no questions asked," Penny said. "It's so barren in the house now."

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