Make your own Halloween costumes!

1. Medusa: Wear all black and pin fake snakes onto a robe. You can even attach some to a headband. Use hot glue to secure the rubber snakes.

2. Jelly Fish: Dress in all black and use strips of bubble wrap hanging from an umbrella.

3. Pair of Dice: Wear black leggings and turtle neck. Get a card board box and cut a hole at the top for the head and sides for the arms. Spray paint the box and make black circles to look like dice. Perfect for a brother and sister.

4. Indiana Jones: Dress in jeans and a leather jacket, something the kid already has and buy a play whip and hat.

5. Static Cling: Wear black and pin or glue clothes all over your kid.

6. Bunch of Grapes: Pin balloons to a leotard

7. Witch: Make a dress out of a garbage bag and use newspaper to make a hat and create hair.

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