Teeth whitening product test


Models and actors love to show off their pearly whites. You can too even if yours aren't white enough just paint them that way. The Crest Whitestrips Premium was Good Housekeeping's winner in its 2005 study.

Volunteers compared three paint on tooth whiteners to see how they measure up using a "tooth shade guide."

"It was hard for the consumers to see just where they were applying the product. Some felt they didn't have enough. Some felt they put too much on," said Nicole Larsen, Good Housekeeping Institute.

Good Housekeeping tested the Rembrandt and Listerine pens. Both require two weeks of use. The "Go Smile Ampoules" promised results in one week if used twice a day.

"Two panelists moved one shade lighter after using Go Smile, but two showed no improvement," said Nicole Larsen, Good Housekeeping Institute.

"My teeth were brighter, but they did not become whiter," said Deidre Robinson, Teeth Whitener Tester.

One tester raved about the $15 Rembrandt Pen. But the overall winner again was the Crest Whitestrips Premium. Good Housekeeping said it made teeth whiter, by up to six shades.

If you're teeth are sensitive to cold, Good Housekeeping recommends against doing your own teeth whitening.

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