Help your teen make smart choices

Tips for parents about how they can motivate their teens to make better choices:

  • Parents should stay involved in their kids lives
  • Parents should trust their kids
  • Kids should feel like they can come talk to their parents
  • Parents should let kids have their way some of the time.
  • Parents shouldn't nag their kids: it doesn't work with teens.

    Tips to help other teens look beyond problems or upsets in their daily:

  • Develop long and short term goals for yourself. Stay focused on them.
  • Learn time management.
  • Stay off the internet for a few hours. Even though it might be tough, you'll be able to finish your homework faster.
  • Try to get at least 6 hours of sleep a night to keep yourself optimistic at school, and off energy drinks.
  • Pursue one fun activity that is different from the other things in your life.

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