The latest in gas-saving products

Gas Saving Products

A touch-screen Pharos unit that sells for around $250

The improved iTouch with GPS software $299.

AUTONET: turns your car into a hotspot. (

Electric Powered Bicycle (Various prices, check your local dealer)


A low-speed all-electric commuter car from Global Electric Motors (G.E.M.) that is catching on with city dwellers because of its relatively low cost (about $8K), good range (about 40 miles on a charge) and ease of maintenance (just plug it in!)

The Smart from Daimler is more expensive, (about $15K) but boasts over 40 mpg and can get into parking spots no other car can, and it can reach highway speeds easily.

The Clean Diesel from VW operates just like a car-engined car, but goes up to 600 miles on a tank of fuel and gets over 45 mpg.

Don't need a car at all? How about an electric bicycle.

Hybrid cars are only one solution to high gas prices. Volkswagen diesels ($23K) electric cars ($12K) and even electric scooters and bikes ($200 to $2K).

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