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We've found a fast way to find bargains -- even on high end designer merchandise, without spending any time hunting for sales. This online company does it for you for free.

Like a lot of us, Stephanie Johnson starts her day on the computer. But here's what she's looking at -- designer clothes on sale.

"I usually come in the morning and it's already there in my inbox," said Stephanie Johnson from San Francisco.

Stephanie gets an email every day from -- an online bargain hunter. It notifies her every time something goes on sale in her favorite styles and her exact sizes.

On this day, hundreds of items popped up.

"I have to check myself a little bit, but it's a great way to save on things I would have bought anyway," said Johnson.

Shop it to Me's founder Charlie Graham is a fanatic about bargains, so he started the website to make bargain hunting faster.

"A bunch of our subscribers have emailed us saying they used to spend an hour every morning or two hours going through every sale section," said Graham.

Here's how it works: you sign up for free and list the items you're shopping for, your size and your favorite designers. And you get notified about sales as often as you like.

Charlie says items average 42 percent off, and in this economy, it's very popular.

"We've seen a big increase in the growth we've had in the last three to six months," said Graham.

He's got 400,000 subscribers, and with today's retail slump, stores are offering more and more great deals.

"There are so many more items on sale now than there ever have been," said Graham.

Here's some examples: A Catherine Malandrino dress went from $295, down to $70.

Another designer dress went from $295 down to $176. Stephanie got snakeskin shoes for $90 -- half off and a cocktail dress for $100 -- about 40 percent off.

Charlie admits all the tempting offers can be dangerous.

"But it's dangerous in a fun way I think," said Graham.

Stephanie swears she buys only what she needs.

"Well yeah you can ask my coworkers they see an awful lot of boxes coming through my office," said Johnson.

Shop it to Me did a survey about what days tend to have the deepest discounts on various merchandise.

What are the best days of the week to shop according to the survey of 150,000 items done last spring: Overall, Friday was the best sale day.

It suggests:

  • Shop on Fridays for jeans, skirts and dresses. Denim averaged 41 percent off on Friday compared with 34 percent off on Mondays. Skirts and dresses: 42 percent off on Fridays compared with 28 percent and 32 percent off on Saturdays.
  • New shoes did best on Fridays and Saturdays averaging 43 percent off those days
  • Handbags did best on Tuesdays (41 percent off) and Fridays (40 percent off)

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