Warranty brings back hot water for couple


When you have a warranty for an appliance it usually covers parts for longer than it covers labor, and if it's not fixable at all, you may also be protected there.

Washing up in the morning has been quite an ordeal lately for Andy Saltel. First he boils the water in the kitchen, then hauls it up to the bathroom.

"It's going to take awhile," says Saltel.

For his wife Louann, it's been a lot of icy showers.

"When I go in the morning, I close the window because I don't want anyone hearing me go 'Owww, oh!'" said Louann.

The problem is their Sears Kenmore water heater suddenly went out four weeks ago. Andy and Louann called Roto Rooter because it offered a free diagnosis. The repairman replaced a part and charged them $272, but the hot water was still icy cold. Luann asked for her money back. Roto Rooter offered just $80. That's when Luanne called 7 On Your Side.

"Within the hour they called and said they would refund our $272," said Louann.

Roto Rooter said it came out three times trying to solve the problem, but when it could not, it did provide a full refund which was great, but Andy and Louann still had no hot water.

"You just have to grit your teeth when you take a shower," said Andy.

So 7 On Your Side called Sears and they agreed to send a repair technician out to check it free of charge. The technician found the water heater was not fixable. So Sears provided the couple with a brand new water heater.

"It really pays to call Channel 7," said Louann.

So what happened? Sears says the water heater was still under warranty for parts and since it wasn't fixable, the warranty entitles them to a brand new heater.

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