Tips for expectant parents

Five things every expectant father must do before the baby is born

  1. Get involved before she asks.
    Women get wrapped up in the experience from day 1. For men, it can be day 280 (when the baby is born). It's important to attend as many doctors' appointments as possible and get involved in all aspects. Being involved helps you feel connected to her and the baby and can help with the birth plan.
  2. Create the birth plan as a team.
    You are the coach and you need to know the game. What happens before, during, and after is essential. Who will be in the delivery room? Will she be medicated? What happens with the cord blood? What happens once baby is born…
  3. Tell her she's hot & spoil her (early and often).
    Start early so you don't look like you're making it up. Get her gift cards and be with her. The physical side can drift and that's when things get rough.
  4. You can be wrong and right.
    The pregnant female is challenging. You need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable so you can react with kindness and compassion. This can mean letting her think you're wrong, even when you're right.
  5. Become an educated father.
    From the car seat installation, to the first week home, to what happens in the delivery room, talk to other guys who have been there and done it. As many as 20 percent of men suffer from postpartum depression - be aware.
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