Californians help turn out the vote


Ten months ago, Wade Randlett was standing in the snow in New Hampshire. On Monday, he'll be leaving San Francisco for Indiana.

"These very close states are going to come down to turn out, and that's what you do on Election Day, you GOTV, get out the vote. You got to get your votes out, you got to get the people who might or might not do it on a cold or snowy day to actually cast a ballot," said Randlett.

Those people those Hoosiers mind a Californian coming out to lean on them?" asked ABC7's Mark Matthews.

Well I won't be wearing a California name tag so I'll work on my best flat accent to make sure that I'm convincing trying to get people out," said Randlett.

The Obama Campaign estimates Randlett is one of hundreds leaving California for swing states this weekend.

Jefferson Lilly of San Francisco will be one of 350 heading to Nevada to help turnout the vote for John McCain.

"I quickly got over any concerns I had about knocking on stranger's doors, because almost everybody is very receptive. They're excited to have you, many people have asked how to get involved, or how to get a yard sign or a bumper sticker," said Lilly.

Lilly spent last weekend in Reno, and he's part of what republicans are calling the California Calvary.

"I just feel like I got to get out there and knock on doors and do everything I can, so it isn't over until it's over, and we still got five days to go," said Lilly. v In addition to the manpower, the head of the California Republican Party says millions of dollars are being sent.

"We've contributed two million dollars to the Republican Party in Colorado $1 million to the Republican Party in Nevada in addition to the $36 million that we've raised and are spending here in California," said Ron Nehrig from the California Republican Party.

The latest polls show John McCain is narrowing the gap nationally, but polling in Nevada shows Obama is stretching out his lead.

ABC 7 Political Analyst Bruce Cain tells ABC7 News Republicans are being energized by reports of a strong Democratic turnout.

"The early projections about the Republicans not turning out are now being adjusted somewhat. And some of the more democratic polls are now taking into account that the republicans are going to turn out in high numbers and that's what tightening the race up," said ABC7 Political Analyst Bruce Cain, Ph.D.

The California Republican Party will have seven buses leaving Sacramento for Nevada this weekend.

And you remember back in August when the Obama Campaign said if you sent in your cell number he'd text you with his VP pick? Well on Thursday, they sent out text messages to Californians asking for volunteers to head to Nevada or Colorado.

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