Eco-friendly fall centerpieces

How to turn your canned goods into beautiful vases
By Ria Sim

This is a great project to do with your kids or just simply create on your own one afternoon. It is easy and only takes a few minutes. Great for dining table centerpieces, gifts for grandparents, used as guest gifts and holiday parties or simply just to have around the house. The best part is that not only is it inexpensive and you are saving the environment, but you can reuse the cans over and over to create other amazing and creative designs.

1. Steps in wrapping the can goods with construction paper, gift wrapping paper or scrap booking paper:

  • Take your used can goods and clean the inside with dishwashing soap and dry
  • Measure the outer perimeter of the can
  • Draw measurement of the can's perimeter on the paper
  • Take the paper and cut according to the size of the can
  • Simply glue or tape the paper and wrap the side of the can entirely (covering the entire outer perimeter)
  • You can add old buttons, labels or simply ribbons.

2. Steps in painting the can goods with an all purpose spray paint

  • Take your used can goods and clean the inside with dishwashing soap and dry
  • In a ventilated area, spray paint the cans (please note to follow the instruction on the back of the paint can. All paint manufacturer are different therefore, it is important to follow the directions stated)
  • Allow to dry ( typically all water base spray paints dries very quickly)
  • You can add any embellishments of your choice to add character to your can vase

Adding your flowers to your can vase:

  • Cut floral foam to fit the can and insert it into the can
  • Fill can with enough water to soak the foam
  • Soak the all purpose floral foam for a few minutes
  • Cut foam according to the size of the can
  • Arrange your flowers according to your desired design and color theme

Most importantly... use your imagination and have lots of fun!

Tools needed:

-- Lid Can Opener (available at Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table about $25.00). A lid can opener helps to open any can goods without leaving the sharp "blade" like edges you get from regular can openers. It is a great investment and last a really long time.

-- Can products any size cans from your produce aisle

-- Paper -can be the following: construction paper, recycled scrap booking paper, or recycled wrapping paper

-- All purpose spray Paint spray paint from your local paint or craft shops

-- Tape

-- Glue - either hot glue gun or Elmer's glue. Please note if you are planning to work on this project with your children, please be cautious of the hot glue gun. Using Elmer's glue or tape is advisable.

-- Scissors or mini paper cutter

-- All purpose floral foam

-- Floral clippers


-- Use store bought flowers (local grocery store or farmer's market)

-- Fresh flowers from your yard is always nice

Where to buy:

All purpose Spray paint used on the show:
Danville Paint and Decorating
688 San Ramon Valley Blvd
Danville, CA 94526
(925) 837-7215

Other places to buy paint:
Michael's Arts and Crafts
Home Depot
Richard's Arts and Crafts

Can Lid Opener used on the show:
Sur La Table
211 Broadway Plz
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(925) 210-0103

Other places to buy Can Lid Openers:
Williams Sonoma
Viking Cooking Store

Floral tools (clippers, floral foam)

Floral foam:
Michael's Arts and Crafts
Richard's Arts and Crafts

Yard Birds
Home Depot
Orchard Nursery

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centerpiece for a wedding
floral décor for Halloween and Fall Harvest time.
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About Ria Ria Sim is the owner of Twigsstudio Danville - the destination floral studio in Danville Ca. Ria is inspired by her love for fashion, colors and textures she sees everyday. Her floral creations are unlike any other and Ria is insistent that flowers are the focus. "When I design each arrangement, I love to bring forth the beauty that each flower possesses." Ria focuses on simple, elegant floral designs resulting in timeless beauty for her clients' weddings, events, and special occasions. Aside from her passion for creating and designing floral arrangements, Ria's true love is spending time with her family (her husband Justin, sons Andrew and Daniel, and her little "adorable" dog Mollie).

Ria Sim is the owner of Twigsstudio in Danville.

178 E. Prospect Ave., 2nd Floor
Danville, CA 94526

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