Search for baby in canal crash unsuccessful


The tide has was extremely low on Monday, giving searchers the first chance to really look for the baby.

For the second straight day volunteers set out on the MLK shoreline to look for Ida Uaisele's 10-month-old grandson, John.

"I don't know how to say it in words, but I just hope and pray that we can find the body," said Ida Uaisele, grandmother.

Police say the baby was ejected from a pickup truck Saturday night. The pickup was hit from behind and lost control, it crashed through a fence, went into a canal and flipped.

The baby's father died. The rushing water in the canal was deep, the baby was swept away.

"I thought I was going to drown, I thought I was going to die, but luckily the brother in law pulled me out," said Victoria Tung, mother's friend.

Victoria Tung, two toddlers and the baby's mother all survived the crash. On Monday, one searcher did find a baby carseat - but no baby. A team of Oakland firefighters did some skewering of nearby sloughs with people and boats for the body.

Officials say search conditions were better then on Sunday.

"The conditions are better, the clarity of the water is better. There is virtually very little movement of the water right now. So it lends itself to a very efficient operation," said David Brue, Oakland fire department.

Even though search conditions were better, the search remains a challengebecasue there is no real idea on where this baby's body washed up. That is why searchers are looking at every inch of the shoreline and every inch of the slough before they can finish.

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