Local couple to attend inauguration day


It's a trip Walter and Lela Morris never thought they'd take -- The one to Washington D.C. to watch an African-American man sworn in as president of the United States.

"Nothing can compare to the joy of seeing one of our own in that parade," said Morris.

Both in their eighties, the El Cerrito couple wasted no time buying their Amtrak tickets to Washington D.C. to witness first-hand the inauguration of Barack Obama.

The last time they traveled cross-country by train was 59 years ago, in 1949 -- for their honeymoon.

"In a way it's sort of symbolic, his going back to celebrate his new day and new beginning, and we we're going back to celebrate our beginning when we got married," said Morris.

The Morris's won't be alone. Berkeley travel agent Terry Regan has received many calls from people looking to book a trip to Washington this January.

One client is taking her whole family.

"She had six people who might go, she's very excited," said Regan.

Finding transportation to Washington D.C. area for the inauguration may find transportation, but finding a place to stay once you get there could be nearly impossible.

Unless one has lots of money.

"About $500 a night, four-day minimum, prepaid, no refund," said Regan.

But for many people the cost of this particular trip is immaterial, because the inauguration of Barack Obama will be unlike any before it.

"This is a new day, not only for this country, but for the world. What more could you hope for," said Walter Morris.

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