Lincecum is a contender for the Cy Young


The 24 year old was 18-5 last season for the Giants, but only had two complete games.

He pitched 227 innings with 265 strikeouts. That is the most of all the contenders, which includes Arizona's Brandon Webb, the Mets' Yo-Han Santana and the Brewers' C.C. Sabathia, but Timmy also had the most walks with 84.

Tim had a 2.62 ERA, but played on a losing team.

ABC7's Larry Beil asked Timmy recently what he thought his chances were of winning the Cy Young Award.

"Well, as far as my chances... I hope I got as good of a chance as anyone else that's being nominated for it, but you know there's been guys that have helped our teams go where they have and put on stellar performances. So as far as that goes, that's really out of my hands, but to win that would be great. It would have to be something, an emotion that came out of me when it happens. I can't really designate myself in a position where I would fake being excited about something, that's a little tough. I don't know. I'd be ecstatic. That would just be great. It'd be the first and hopefully not the last," said Lincecum.

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