Environmentally-friendly gift ideas

Gift ideas:


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  • $24.95
  • Educational and earth-friendly in its design, Earthopoly is a fun and competitive way to learn about our planet and climate change

Thames and Kosmos Power House

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  • $149.95
  • Learn about sustainable living in the 21st century and go off grid in miniature. Build a model house complete with solar panels, windmill, greenhouse, and desalination system.

Record Label Coasters

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  • $20 for a set of 12
  • Hark back to the days of old-time rock 'n' roll with these repurposed vinyl record label coasters.

Recycled plastic rugs

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  • $34.50 and up
  • Why it's green: Plastic is a petroleum product; recycled plastic fibers, which make up this rug, use less energy and no new oil to make.

Pool Ball Wine Stoppers

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  • $30
  • Billiards and drinking go hand in hand. Make the marriage complete with bottle stoppers decorated with discarded pool balls.

Circuitboard Business Card Case

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  • $19.99
  • This techno-savvy little business card case, made from a discarded circuit board, will make you the envy of all the CEOs in your peer set.

Sol Recycled Glass Mini Bowls & Saucers

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  • $39.00
  • These festive mini bowls made from recycled glass are a great addition to any table. The set includes one of each turquoise, lime, orange, and red as well as four clear saucers. They're durable and dishwasher safe.

Glee DIY Gum and Candy kits

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  • $13 each
  • Why it's green: Who knew you could make your own all-natural chewing gum? With these kits, kids learn about the rainforest, chemistry, and math while making fun treats.

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