Adventures in fitness through "Pal-ersizing"

About Pal Mel and Pal-ersize:

As the creator of Pal-ersize Adventures In Fitness, Pal Mel believes it is crucial to instill in children a positive, fun experience with exercise and good health. This program covers every aspect of early childhood development: mind, body and spirit.

Important components of Pal-ersize are very powerful at an early age. They include coordination, flexibility, brain development, social skills and learning a "Pal" way of life.

Pal-ersize instills Pal Manners and imaginative ways to deal with stress that Pals can take with them anywhere. They only need to make a simple gesture or two to turn on their Pal imagination and the power is their own.

Pal Language is a playful way to engage children in positive thinking and speaking and is a powerful tool for parents to interact with their child(ren). With Pal Mel as their mentor, parents have the opportunity to use Pal language at home, assisting in positive disciplining skills.

Pal-ersize creates a safe, fun, imaginative environment for children and is not competitive in any way, shape or form. Pal-ersizers are encouraged to participate at their own pace. This creates the space they need to feel comfortable with themselves in their own time.

It is a known fact stated by the National Board of Pal-erism that smiles, combined with imagination, laughter and fun is the most effective way for children to learn.

Pal-ersize also offers Pal fitness evaluations and private coaching.

Adventures In Fitness
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