Tips for re-entering the workforce

Top 4 tips for re-entering the workforce:

1) Get Educated: Research technology, ideas, industries, companies, people, you name it, there is unlimited information available with a few key strokes.

2) Develop Your Marketing Tools: Everyone should have an "elevator pitch." It's your 1-2 minute description of yourself and your job objective. It's an essential tool for networking. Update your "resume." Do include all your volunteer work and experiences along with a list of references. And have a persuasive "cover letter." It's an essential communication tool as you embark on your future career goals.

3) Build A Network: One of the most important steps! Your chances of getting a job are much better when you know someone at the company.

4) Find Your Career: Whether you want to work for a company, hang a shingle as a consultant, or start your own business, the job search is the exciting part of the OnRamp process.

About YourOnRamp:
YourOnRamp ( is an online community where professional women manage their career transitions (OffRamps and OnRamps) and connect with employers. YourOnRamp provides women with a targeted job board, social network, and career resources, including online career coaches. YourOnRamp was launched in June 2007 and has become the go-to resource for women in career transition with over 4000 members and 10,000+ visitors per month. Members can access over 275 flexible jobs from employers looking for OnRamp talent. Employers can find thousands of professional women, many with graduate degrees for projects, part-time and full-time positions.

About Catherine Clifford:
Catherine's onramp is YourOnRamp. After 16 years in the financial services world, mostly at GATX, she took some time off when her 4th child was born. After 4 years at home, Catherine began her search for a new career, and was frustrated by the options and resources available in the market. At the same time she was amazed by the number of professional women she met who had taken time off to spend with their children, but were at a loss as to how to reenter the workforce on a family friendly basis. Her intrigue with start-ups and passion for helping fellow onrampers led to creating YourOnRamp.

About Millie Froeb:
Millie's onramp is also YourOnRamp. After graduating from Harvard Business School in 2000, Millie moved to San Francisco and joined Gap. In 2004 Millie left Gap to take care of her three children. During her 2 years at home, she met many interesting women with distinguished educations and prior careers. Frustrated with their options, loss of confidence because they didn't maintain their skills, and not knowing where to go to find such opportunities, most of these women opted to do nothing. Concerned about the brain drain to society with all of these talented, educated women out of the workforce, Millie wanted to figure out a way to help corporations tap into this untapped labor pool while helping women get back into the work place in a capacity that is right for them.

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