Recession-proof tech ideas

  1. Not a new PC, buy more memory:
    You can buy RAM at;; or the computer manufacturers directly (i.e. Dell). Prices vary depending on what computer you're upgrading and how much memory you're adding. It could be anywhere from $25 - $50 for 1 GB.

    Hard drives can be bought at any electronics store, or online at;; and others.

    Example shown in this segment:

    Toshiba 320GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive that sells for $110 on Amazon.

    Link to other favorite external hard drives:

  2. Instead of a new cell phone, buy a micro-SD card.
    You can buy them at:;; Best Buy; Circuit City. A 4GB can be about $10. For 8 GBs you can expect to shell out between $20 and $30, and they are getting cheaper all the time. Molly recently bought a 8GB microSD card for about $23. A 16GB ranges from $25 - $60.

    Examples shown in this segment:

    The SanDisk 16 GB micro-SD card is on the priciest side of the range at $60 and can be purchased at It can be bought for less elsewhere with coupon codes and such.
    Buy it on Amazon

  3. Not a new sound system, but pluggable speakers.

    Examples shown in this segment:

    Audio Technica Portable Speakers are $24.95, but can be bought for as cheaply as $16 on Amazon.

    Buy it on Amazon

    Buy it on for $20

    iPod Building Block Portable Speaker are iPod specific and cost about $20.

    Buy it on Amazon

  4. Not a new video game console, new controllers to spruce up old console.

    Examples shown in this segment:

    Glow Saber Duo Pack NW ($35)
    Buy it on Amazon

    Nintendo Wii Perfect Shot Gun ($18)
    Buy it on

    Activision - Guitar Hero Wireless Les Paul Controller ($50)
    Buy it on

  5. Inexpensive New Digital camera under $100

    Examples for the Canon PowerShot A470:

    Buy it on Amazon ($95)

    Buy it on ($90)

    Buy it on ($95)

    Buy it on Beach ($93)

  6. No new DVD players, watch movies online.

    Examples shown in this segment: (free) (free) Video on Demand ($3.99 and up)

    Netflix "Watch Now" (plans charge from $4.99 to $16.99 a month)

    Blockbuster "Download" lets you download movies, TV shows and other popular videos for rental or purchase. (Rental prices vary by title, with no membership fees or late fees.)
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