Home workouts to keep you in shape

Lorrie's home workout tips

Schedule your workout into your day just as you would the gym.

Dress for 'success'. Put on your workout clothes - you will be more likely to stick with your exercise and not wander off to change a load of laundry.

Invest in a few inexpensive pieces of equipment so you will have plenty of variety.

Go to your local library and check out exercise DVDs.

Lorrie's effective exercises you can do outside the gym:

Hit the stairs - take two at a time to make it harder.

Do chair dips to work on your arms.

Use an exercise apparatus like circle tubing which can provide resistance, which makes your workout harder and more effective.

About Lorrie Sullenberger:
She is the creator of Fit and Fabulous... Outdoors! television show, is inspiring women form all fitness levels to discover a more exhilarating life through incorporating the outdoors in their quest for better health. Lorrie is certified through the American Council on Exercise and has owned and operated a women's gym. "Most women know that they need to do some kind of exercise" that is not the issue, Lorrie says. It's the inspiration to get out there and start. I want to reach out to women who think their weight is hopeless, give them some inspiration and show them how they can get Fit and Fabulous... Outdoors too.

For more information, visit www.fitandfabulousoutdoors.com.

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