Affordable Christmas shopping

GIFTS UNDER $25 - Cool Gifts for Traveling Companions

Language Translator $17.99 (orig $40)
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. Translates 5,000 words and 120 commonly used sentences in 6 languages: features include word storage and inquiry, local date and time, calculator and exchange rate calculation.

Luggage Locator $19.99
Locate your luggage at the touch of a button from up to 60 feet. Radio frequency signal seeks out the receiver attached to your luggage.

Digital Photo Key Chain w/8 $19.99
A 60-photo slide show at your fingertips. The only thing Grandma wants is a photo of her grandkids.

Girl's Outfit
Billy Jean Dress, $24.99

Various Women's Accessories, Under $25

GIFTS UNDER $50 - Gifts Kids Love to Give and Receive

Wine opener & chiller $29.99
Electric wine bottle opener makes uncorking and serving easy. Opens with the touch of a button; 1 charge opens 30 bottles.

My Sports Gaming System $39.99 (orig $89.99)
Plugs into any TV; five action-packed games -- baseball, golf, bowling, boxing and tennis. Wireless remote controls respond to your moves

Kids Digital camcorder $49.99

Super soft electric throw $44.99 (orig $89.99)

Sterling Silver Smoky Quartz ring $39.99

Janelle's Purple Sweater, $49.99

Janelle's Purse, $48

Spencer's Sweater, $29.99

GIFTS Under $75

Boys Outfit, $70
Black Jeans, $24.99
Shirt, $24.99
Sweater, $19.99

GIFTS Under $100

New Linden Street Telescope $79.99
Tabletop telescope makes a worldly addition to your living room or study.

Razor Ripstik -- the carving fun of surfing and snowboarding on dry land! $99.99
On this new-age skate board, twisting motion moves you forward without having to push off the ground

Guitar & Rock Dock Amp $99.99
iPod dock/amp makes it easy to jam with your favorite bands on your iPod; hi-fi docking station for iPod plays your music while it charges your player; built-in guitar preamp for playing along (Guitar is sold separately $219)

Wireless Speaker $79.99 (orig $169.99)
Wireless speaker receives signal from up to 100' away for great audio; Use with MP3 players, CD players, stereo receivers have a wireless transmitter

Sterling silver Peridot and diamond pendant $99.99

Spencer's Corduroy Jacket, $99

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