The secrets to airline travel

If you're flying instead of driving, says you will be paying less for comfort.

With businesses cutting back on air travel, seats are opening up in business and first class cabins causing lots of discounts.

If you are flying coach, there are deals and here are some secrets to cashing in:

  • Buy tickets online between Monday and Thursday. Sales usually expire on Fridays.
  • Cheapest days to travel are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Connecting flights are usually cheaper than nonstops.
  • Reserve seats four months ahead to get the best deals.

  • Although in this market, waiting till the last minute can pay. And that brings us to all those beloved airline fees. Most airlines are keeping them in effect, even the fuel surcharges and new ones are popping up all the time.

    United Airlines has just introduced a new fee to get through security lines quickly. The service was set up for elite travelers, but United will let cheap seaters tag along if we shell out $25.

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