Father, son make donation to food pantry


It's Hunter Hedegaard's first time in a neighborhood near the Oakland airport. It's a place where for so many people, struggling to get by is a way of life.

But when the 12-year-old Danville boy and his dad saw back at Thanksgiving, the Columbian Gardens Food Pantry was almost out of food. They had to do something for Christmas.

"We thought that since all these people here are not wealthy and that they have very little to eat, that we should help them," said Hunter Hedegaard.

They didn't show up empty handed. Hunter and his dad, who owns an insurance brokerage firm, delivered an early Christmas gift -- 200 chickens, 200 jars of peanut butter and 200 cans of tuna.

In all, $2,000 worth of food, which meant the people who come every week for food, took home a lot more than the box of produce they otherwise would have received.

"It took us about 30 seconds of talking about and thinking about it and i said this is what we're going to do," said Lars Hedegaard.

And it went fast.

In just 40 minutes, 250 families walked away with food for Christmas.

Lurlean Jackson has run the pantry since 1977. She's never been to the upscale town of Danville, but now she has friends there.

"I just love him for doing that. I will never forget him," said Jackson.

The people on the receiving end, like Marlon Pratt, had no idea who the gift came from. it almost didn't matter.

"There's not going to be a lot of Christmas presents this year but the spirit is still there," said Pratt.

It's the same thing for the father and son team. The money they would have spent on gifts this year is inside the boxes.

"We've already celebrated it by doing this," said Lars Hedegaard.

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