Fines increasing on two SF roads


They think just by talking about it over the last couple of years the number of fatalities has gone down. Now they are hoping there won't be any fatalities.

San Francisco's 19th Avenue has been notoriously dangerous through the years. The problem is that officials say it is a state highway running through a residential area on the west side of the city.

It is an area with a lot of senior citizens, and they are the ones that complain about the drivers on this road.

State Senator Leeland Yee held a press conference on Tuesday to show off new traffic signs, and he wanted to remind everyone that a speeding ticket or any other traffic violation is going to cost double the fine starting January 1st.

It took Yee about four years to get the legislation passed, and one of the senior citizen activists said he is very happy about the outcome.

"The rate of collisions has gone down, because of the attention, because of the police force, because our government workers and our community leaders have been working together," said Pi Ra from the Senior Action Network.

ABC7 News asked Senator Yee about appearing at the press conference when there is an unresolved budget problem in Sacramento. Legislators decided to work on it in Sacramento until next year.

Yee told ABC7 News part of his job is to talk about policies, and he worked on this particular legislature for several years.

There were four fatalities on 19th Avenue in 2007, and there were two in 2008. Officials are hoping that trend will continue next year.

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